Our innovative partnerships

Innovation is embedded into Dormeo Home’s DNA. By developing innovative technologies we are able to set the bar in product functionalities, material selection, design and user experience – bringing on the market innovative products to make life easier for our customers. Central to our journey are the strategic partnerships we’ve cultivated with industry leaders.

Reinventing Comfort

Octaspring technology is multi-award winning technology. It’s patented foam spring – the first true innovation in the foam industry in the last 20 years. Since the first mattress shipped in 2011, Octaspring technology has expanded to a range of lifestyle, travel, and technology sitting and sleep products, which are being adopted by leading aviation and automotive OEM’s, luxury sofa manufacturers, designers and architects.
Our partnerships with HEIQ have yielded groundbreaking advancements in thermoregulation, enhancing comfort and temperature control in our AIR line. HEIQ’s Xreflex fabric offers thermal insulation without sacrificing comfort.
We have partnered with PRONEEM to harness their natural protection solutions to combat mites, bacteria, and microbes. Their CBD preparations have elevated the comfort and relaxation quotient of our pillows and duvets, offering a natural remedy for restorative sleep experiences.
Another key collaborator in our journey is Lenzing, renowned for their TENCEL fibers. These fibers not only enhance the feel of our sleep products but also ensure unparalleled moisture transfer, elevating the sleep experience. Additionally, our partnership with CELL SOLUTION fibers helped us deliver versatile thermoregulatory benefits in our products.

Trusted quality

Over the years we have also done many tests hat prove excellence of our products. Among them is Ergonomie Institute, which proved that Dormeo mattresses have exceptional ergonomic properties and therefore they perfectly adapt to the human body.
We have partnered with CATAS laboratory to prove durability of the mattresses and with TÜV Rheinland to prove mattress breathability. We have also performed hypoallergenic tests at Centrocot.

We work with a diverse range of retailers and suppliers

Dormeo Home can also be your single-entry point to millions of consumers hungry for innovative products!
For retailers in search of distinctive and compelling products, Dormeo Home is thrilled to be your collaborative ally! We are always on the lookout for dynamic retail partners to introduce revolutionary solutions to our market.
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If you’re a supplier with innovative and captivating solutions, Dormeo Home is eager to join forces with you! We are actively seeking dynamic partners to bring groundbreaking products to our audience.
Interested to partner with us?